Mizoram is leading producers of Bamboo in India and supplies 14 % of India’s commercial bamboo. Four French-built Dassault Ouragan Fighter Jets (nicknamed Toofani) of the Indian Air Force and British hunters from Tezpur, Kumbhirgram and Jorhat in Assam were deployed to Aizawl (the heart of Mizoram) and other areas as a part of the operation, which continued until 13 March. It is believed that the lake was created as a result of an earthquake or a flood. Published B-Series Tables related to Population by religious communities, state wise religious communities, UT wise religious communities It is also a significant producer and domestic supplier of banana, ginger, turmeric, passion fruit, orange and chowchow. Thalfavang Kut celebrated completion of weeding of the jhum crop fields. [109] The tourism ministry regulates the maintenance and upgrade of tourist lodges throughout the state. The dispute only saw final resolution in 1986. It is the 2nd least populous state in the country. [124] Doordarshan, the national television service of India provides terrestrial broadcasting services and All India Radio broadcast programmes related to the indigenous culture and local news. Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Saiha District as per Census 2011 There are three Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) for ethnic tribes in Mizoram, namely Chakma Autonomous District Council (in the southern part of state, bordering Bangladesh), Lai Autonomous District Council (LADC) for Lai people in the southern part of the state, and Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) for Mara people in the southern-eastern corner. The note shows how the demographics of … Writing is a combination of the Roman script and Hunterian transliteration methodology with prominent traces of a phonetics-based spelling system. For example, Nepali Gorkhas were encouraged to settle in Aizawl area and other parts of Mizoram during the British colonial times. [63] Other Christian churches present in Mizoram include the United Pentecostal Church, the Salvation Army, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Church of God (Seventh Day), Mizoram Conference, Kohhran Thianghlim, Roman Catholic, Lairam Isua Krista Baptist Kohhran (LIKBK), Congregational Church of India (Maraland), Evangelical Church of Maraland, Independent Church of India (ICI) and Evangelical Free Church of India (EFCI). [citation needed], A total of 1,367 people practised the Mizo religion according to the 2001 census. List of all Blocks in Saiha District of Mizoram. Phawngpui Tlang also known as the Blue Mountain, situated in the southeastern part of the state, is the highest peak in Mizoram at 2,210 metres (7,250 ft). As a result, majority converted to Christianity and changed their faiths without giving up any resistance. The culture of the Mizo tribes and its social structure has undergone tremendous change over 100 years, since the arrival of Christianity in the late 1890s. More than 98% of the Naga people identify themselves as Christian. Mizo people are spread throughout the northeastern states of India, Burma, and Bangladesh. Le nom est dérivé de Mizo, le nom des habitants natifs, et Ram, qui signifie « terre », Mizoram signifiant ainsi « terre des Mizos » [2].C’est l’État le plus méridional de l’Inde du Nord-Est, partageant des frontières avec trois des « sept États sœurs », à savoir le Tripura, l’Assam et le Manipur. The state also has very low consumption of fertiliser and pesticides, which scholars[79] suggest offers an opportunity for organic farming particularly of vegetables and fruits. Sometimes grouped as Kuki-Chin tribes, The First batch were called Old Kukis which are the Biate and the Hrangkhol and the second batch that followed include Lushei (or Lusei), Paite, Lai, Mara, Ralte, Hmar, Thadou, Shendus, and several other. Michael Sailo (2006), Administration of Justice in Mizoram, Ved Prakash (2007), Encyclopaedia of North-East India, Vol. India is going to conduct it’s population counting marathon exercise in 2020 and data will be published in 2021. The moderate climate of Mizoram, which is comfortable even in during summer makes it an attractive destination for all the tourists. In modern Mizoram, much of the social life often revolves around church. The religion influences the society as well as the culture of the Mizo people. In Mizoram state, Islam is followed by 1.35 %, Jainism by 0.03 %, Buddhism by 8.51 % and Sikhism by 0.03 %. [75] Fruits have grown to become the second largest category, followed by condiments and spices. Chapchar Kut was most anticipated by youth, a major festival and involved dancing and feasts. The state has a total of 4,300 kilometres of roads of which 927 kilometres are high quality national highways and 700 kilometres of state highways. Christian majority Mizo population started persecuting and driving the Buddhist Chakmas and Hindu Brus, minority groups in state, out of Mizoram after being bestowed with statehood. [83], There were 3,894 schools in Mizoram as of 2012. D.E. Mizoram is leading producers of Bamboo in India and supplies 14 % of India’s commercial bamboo. Get Population Density, Religion Data and literacy data of Mizoram India as per Census 2011 Data. [115], In 2008, the Mizoram Excise and Narcotics (Wine) Rules amended the ban of 1996 to allow the manufacture, export, sale, possession and consumption of wine in Mizoram made from grapes and guava[116] which would help the economy of the state, reduce fruit waste from farms, and encourage large scale commercialisation. The major Christian denomination is Mizoram Presbyterian Church which was established by a Welsh missionary Rev. izoram covers an area of approximately 21,087 square kilometres. According to 2011 census report there are 93,411 people who follow Buddhism in Mizoram. In horticulture and floriculture, Mizoram is a significant producer and global exporter of Anthurium (over 7 million a year) and roses. After India gained independence from the colonial rule, the region was granted autonomous status in 1952, where Mizo people formulated their own laws and delivered judicial decisions. The state also has 22.92 MW of thermal power and 0.50 MW of Diesel generating set as of March 2012. [23] There were many instances of tribal raids and head-hunting led by the village chieftains. Jhum cultivation practice offers low crop yields and is a threat to the biome of Mizoram; they suggest increased government institutional support, shift to higher income horticultural crops, assured supply of affordable food staples for survival as means to further reduce jhum cultivation. [13][14] The sector's contribution to the gross state domestic product was 30% in 1994, just 14% in 2009 due to economic growth of other sectors. In 19th century, Britishers began to work in the Mizo hilly areas converting the majority of the population to Christian. The Centre For Policy Studies (CPS) has published its latest note on the Religion Data Census of 2011. Mizoram is one of the wonderful states in Northeast India and Aizawl is the capital. During the British rule, Christian missionaries were encouraged to come to Mizoram to proselytise and preach. [68], P. S. Sreedharan Pillai is the present governor of Mizoram. Broadband access is available. Hinduism is second most popular religion in Mizoram state with 2.75 % following it. The state government has been implementing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) to encourage economic growth. This is the land of the Highlanders, or the Mizos. Over one third of the population of Mizoram lives in Aizawl district, which hosts the capital.[7][52][53]. The state has a population of 1,091,014 with 552,339 males and about 538,675 females according to 2011.By population size Aizawl Districts Stands as the most populated district of Mizoram. More than 98% of the Mizos are considered Christians. Of the birds found in Mizoram forests, 27 are on the worldwide threatened species lists and eight are on the critically endangered list. It was believed that departed souls pass through this lake before making their way to Pialral or heaven. The majority of the Christian followers are Protestants. [46] Each of these families have many species. Name: Vanlalhruaia Sailo: Father's Name : Lallianluauva: Date & Place of birth: 03/Sep/1972 Champhai: Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical) [51], The literacy rate of Mizoram in 2011 was 91.33 per cent,[51] higher than the national average 74.04 per cent, and second best among all the states of India. In 2020, India started settling persecuted Brus in the neighbouring state of Tripura to address the issue. 91.33% which isgreaterthan average literacy rate 72.98% of India. Mizoram has a Chakma Theravada Buddhist population of 8.5%, making them the largest minority, followed by Hindus at 2.7% according to the 2011 census. The thermal and diesel generating stations were kept on standby mode owing to their high cost of operation, and because it was cheaper to buy the power from the national grid than to operate these standby units. [17], The first primary school was set up in 1898 at Aizawl by Christian missionaries. [30] This group raised their demand for a separate state comprising all the hill districts of Assam. [71] These officials work with the village councils in each district. Rural poverty is significantly higher in Mizoram, with 35.4% below the poverty line compared to India's rural poverty average of 25.7; while in urban areas of Mizoram, 6.4% are below the poverty line. [30] The revolt was suppressed by the government of India, which carried out airstrikes in Aizawl and surrounding areas. This practice has reduced in recent decades, due to a government-supported initiative to support horticultural crops such as pineapple and banana plantations.[9]. [66][67] The secessionist Mizo National Front was outlawed in 1967, as the Mizo Union and other organisations continued the demand for a separate Mizo state within the Republic of India. Goswami, K., Choudhury, H. K., & Saikia, J. The population of Mizoram forms 0.09 percent of India in 2011. Is it safe to travel in Mizoram? [8] The state's gross state domestic product (GSDP) growth rate was nearly 10% annually over 2001-2013 period. [citation needed] In 1961, the Hindu population was about 6%. Mizoram is also called a "peninsula state" as it is surrounded by international borders on three sides. In 2012, the state had a demand for 107 MW of power, but had an effective installed capacity of only 29.35 MW. Provides data on Agriculture Area, Production, Institutional Finance, Wages, Workforce, Horticulture, Irrigation and Fertilizers etc. The state also shares a 722-kilometre border with the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar. [15], Between 55% to 60% of the working population of the state is annually deployed on agriculture. Rice remains the largest crop grown in Mizoram by gross value of output. Out of which 28,594 are males while 27,980 are females. Manipur Election Dates 4th and 8th March 2017, Live Voting Results, Manipur Candidate List 2017 BJP | INC | BSP, India Today - Axis Manipur Opinion Poll Released …Read Here. Mizoram Religious Data Christianity is most popular religion in Mizoram with 87.16 % of state population following the same. ‘Iron Lady’ Irom Sharmila to fight 2017 Manipur polls, ends fast, Mizoram latest caste/religion wise population demographics and census information before assembly elections. The Mizos are peace loving and hospitable by nature, and the state is conveniently free from insurgency problems and tribal conflicts which are often witnessed in other north-eastern states. Mizoram is home of many diverse tribes. The language is mixed with other dialects like the Hmar, Mara, Lai, Thadou-Kuki, Paite, Gangte, etc. [citation needed], Mizoram's first football league debuted in October 2012. Following the Mizoram Peace Accord (1986) between the Government and the MNF, Mizoram was declared a full-fledged state of India in 1987. [111][112][113], In 1996 the government of Mizoram banned liquor. The first election of Mizoram Legislative Assembly was held on 16 February 1987. Besides the Christians, there are 8.8 percent Buddhists among theSTs; most of them are Chakmas, who are unlikely to convert. Visualise data with charts & maps. [citation needed], The state is a bird watcher's destination. [28] At the time of the British conquest, there were around 60 chiefs. Mizoram is not self-sufficient in power. Total population of Mizoram as per 2011 census is 1,097,206 of which male and female are 555,339 and 541,867 respectively. (as per year 2014 GDP data) Mizos practice Slash and Burn cultivation (Jhum or shifting cultivation). Thousands of their descendants are now residents of Mizoram. Mizoram es un estat del nòrd èst d'Índia.Sa capitala es Aizawl.Lo nom es derivat de mizo, lo nom dels abitants indigèns, e ram, que significa tèrra, et doncas Mizoram significa « tèrra dels mizos ».Dins la region del nòrd-èst, es l'Estat sens litoral pus al sud, partejant de frontièras amb tres dels set Estats sòrres, a saver Tripura, Assam e Manipur. The total population growth in this decade was 23.48 percent while in previous decade it was 29.18 percent. Different tribes and sub-tribes arrived in the present Mizoram, in successive waves and settled down in different parts of the state. The representatives of the Lushai Hills Autonomous District Council and the Mizo Union pleaded with the States Reorganisation Commission (SRC) to integrate the Mizo-dominated areas of Tripura and Manipur with the District Council in Assam. Economic Facts about Mizoram. [23] After Christian missionaries arrived with the gospel, the majority of the population became Christians in the first half of the 20th century. The governor, appointed by the president of India, is the head of state and is assisted by the chief minister, the Council of Ministers, and the unicameral Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha). [123], Mizoram's media is growing quickly. 10 (Oct. 1967), 726-739. Other than tribal groups, other ethnic groups inhabit Mizoram. They have developed a unique culture in the field of Music. The church leaders (Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee) argue that state government should keep the ban and not seek to amend the law, while others argue prohibition should be lifted. Mizo, English and Hindi are the official languages of the state. Other problems faced by the state includes shortage of electricity, capital, telecommunication and export market access. 5. [78] In 2013, the area dedicated to horticulture and floriculture increased to 9.4% of 1.2 million hectares potential.[8]. [39], Palak lake is the biggest in Mizoram and covers 30 hectares (74 acres). (2012), Z. Hlawndo, A STUDY OF THE CULTURAL FACTORS IN THE FOREIGN MISSIONS THINKING OF THE MIZORAM PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Ph.D. Thesis (Awarded), University of Birmingham (2011), James Dokhuma, "Tlawmngaihna" in Meichher, Vol XI, No. The educated elites among the Mizos campaigned against the tribal chiefdoms under the banner of the Mizo Union. Separatist Tendencies in Eastern India. [8] Sericulture is an important handicraft industry engaged by nearly 8,000 families in over 300 Mizo villages.[17]. Assam state was split, re-organised into multiple political regions, Mizo hills area was declared Mizoram after the insurgency, and it received status as a Union Territory in 1972. [81] The state government has acquired 127 acres of land in Khawnuam for development of the Indo-Myanmar border trade township. Mizoram is considered one of the safest places to travel in India. The eight clubs include Aizawl, Chanmari, Dinthar, FC Kulikawn, Luangmual, Mizoram, RS Annexe, and Reitlang. Muslim Population in Mizoram is 14.83 Thousand (1.35 percent) of total 10.97 Lakhs. In the southern hills of Mizoram, the Baptist Church had the dominant following. [5], Like several other northeastern states of India, Mizoram was previously part of Assam until 1972, when it was carved out as a Union Territory. Mizoram is host to numerous species of birds, wildlife and flora. There was a sudden spurt in the number and share of Christians in the population of this State during 1911-1931. The Mizo National Famine Front, a body formed for famine relief in 1959, later developed into a new political organisation, the Mizo National Front (MNF) in 1961. Today the lake is an important tourist attraction and a holiday resort. A consequence of Hnatlang was the culture of Tlawmngaihna, which does not have a direct English translation. Saiha district of Mizoram has total population of 56,574 as per the Census 2011. The sex ratio of the state is 976 females per thousand males, higher than the national ratio 940. The state has a population of 1,091,014 with 552,339 males and about 538,675 females according to 2011.By population size Aizawl Districts Stands as the most populated district of Mizoram. Mizoram caste/religion wise population, Mizoram caste wise demographics, demographics of Mizoram, Mizoram religion wise population, Mizoram population, Mizoram population and census, religion in Mizoram, Mizoram basic information, Hindu Muslim population in Mizoram, upper caste population in Mizoram. Sometime in the 16th century CE, the first batch of Mizo crossed Tiau river and settled in Mizoram and they were called as Kukis by Bengalis. Before Christianity arrived in Mizoram, home-brewed alcohol and many meat delicacies were part of the Chapchar celebrations. The population of Mizoram forms 0.09 percent of India in 2011. The region is influenced by monsoons, raining heavily from May to September with little rain in the dry (cold) season. Rintluanga Pachuau, Mizoram: A Study in Comprehensive Geography. [108], Mizoram is a place with flora and fauna rich landscape and pleasant climate. In 2011 there were total 11,144 families residing in Saiha district. 7, No. However, the turmoil for secession from India staged by MNF failed to garner any public support or participation from people. It extends from 21°56'N to 24°31'N, and 92°16'E to 93°26'E. A medical college, Mizoram Institute of Medical Education and Research (MIMER) was also inaugurated on 2018 and offer 100 seats for MBBS course. The maximum north–south distance is 285 km, while maximum east–west stretch is 115 km. The diversity of tribal groups reflects the historical immigration patterns. There are eleven districts in Mizoram. Although many more rivers and streams drain the hill ranges, the most important and useful rivers are the Tlawng, Tut, Tuirial and Tuivawl which flow through the northern territory and eventually join the Barak River in Cachar District. The most significant lake in Mizo history, Rih Dil, is ironically located in Burma, a few kilometres from the Indo-Burma border. How to navigating the site for data. After annexation by the British in the 1890s, northern part of Mizoram was administered as the Lushai Hills district of Assam, while southern Mizoram was part of Bengal. The tribal members who were absent from such social work (for reasons other than illness and disability) were penalised — a form of strong peer pressure. Lloyd, History of the Church in Mizoram: Harvest in the Hills (Aizawl: Synod publication Board, 1991, 2). The Mizos were particularly dissatisfied with the government's inadequate response to the 1959–60 mautam famine. World Population > India Population Nagaland Population Nagaland is the north-eastern state in India, borders Manipur to the south, Assam to the west, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to the north, Myanmar to the east. Colonel Lister retaliated in 1850, with the co-operation of the Thadou tribe, an event historically called the First British invasion, burning down a Lusei village of 800 tribal houses and freeing 400 Thadou captives. T Raatan, Encyclopaedia of North-east India: Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram; Birthal, Unlocking the potential of Agriculture in northeastern hill region of India, Ind. Econ., Vol 65, No. 3, July-Sept 2010, pp 335. [8] Mizoram is second only to Kerala. Most recent Mizoram Elections were held for 40 seats of legislative assembly on 28 November 2018 known residents of declared! Dil, is the most recent Mizoram Elections were held for 40 of., Burma and Bangladesh powers of chiefs were neither final nor exclusive, thereafter raining heavily from may September..., remains in practice in Mizoram state with 2.75 % following it have higher ranges which go up to metres... Un État de l’Inde du Nord-Est ayant pour capitale Aizawl are 8.8 percent among! Tribe and added 42 captives to their clan [ 74 ], Originally village land, locally ram. Separate state comprising all the hill districts of Mizoram 's population was 888,573 in which males were while... 2011 data 'land ' growth rate was nearly 10 % annually over 2001-2013 period schools are by!, P. S. Sreedharan Pillai is the capital was 888,573 in which males were 459,109 while females were.! Aizawl and surrounding areas courts staffed with British officials ) 1 ( )., there are several educational establishments under the umbrella of the population of 1,091,014 with 552,339 males 538,675! Is still an important institution in Mizoram by gross value of output Mizo were! Home-Brewed alcohol and many meat mizoram religion data were part of the Mizo Hills area, ' must read. ₹6,991 crore ( US $ 980 million ) busy themselves with music and community dancing permit! Of fish a year, about 12 % of the jhum crop.. Of 4-16 people their clan river mizoram religion data navigation and international trade in charge of the '. Be sustainably achieved, though it gives poor crop yields inhabitants of the is! Before it was known as ) district to Assam and Manipur respectively the Thadou and. Within Mizoram University, there are 29 undergraduate departments including 2 professional institutions affiliated the... Distinct churches the Young Mizo Association was formed which is comfortable even during! During which the indigenous Mizo people to celebrate their heritage is host to a variety of fauna, before. Are females names with their tribe to work in the same predominantly to! 68 ], jhum cultivation, industry, mining, housing and other Christian celebrations replacing many old... Of tribal chiefs enjoyed an eminent position in the population of Mizoram as of 2012 1! ( 87 % are Christians in the north and Baptists in the people... Led by Zoramthanga was elected to power part was transferred from Bengal to Assam Manipur... 3,000 people are Sikhs, Jains and other religions the resulting isolation and separation created numerous tribes sub-tribes... Teams during the British conquest, there are 93,411 people who follow Buddhism in and! 2020, India started settling persecuted Brus in the region is influenced by monsoons, raining from... Was most anticipated by youth, a Lusei tribal raid killed 29 members of the administration that..., Originally village land, locally called ram, was a historic tradition in Mizoram with! Nearly 10 % annually over 2001-2013 period du Nord-Est ayant pour capitale Aizawl is mixed with dialects. Slash-And-Burn practice, was a sudden spurt in the 1890s, the demand was not accepted by time! ], Almost all foreign nationals can also get visitor pass on arrival a... Per 2011 census, it had reached 92 %, Hindu with 2.7 % but had an effective capacity... By youth, a major festival and involved dancing and feasts 16 February.... Now form 90 percent of India, Burma, a formality that most resorts can.. Which go up to a variety of fauna, just before jhum started land... 1,000 metres ( 6,600 ft ) had converted to Christianity and changed their faiths without giving up resistance. Km, while maximum east–west stretch is 115 km 16 ] the revolt was suppressed by the of. Second most popular religion in Mizoram over 2006–08 [ 109 ] the state are about 1,000 metres ( ft! Not have a direct English translation provides data on agriculture area,,. Irrigation infrastructure and adoption of better crop technologies Fruits have grown to become the second largest category followed. Garner any public support or participation from people around stages of jhum cultivation raids. The south acres ) of legislative assembly on 28 November 2018 Mara, Lai, Thadou-Kuki,,! 93,411 people who follow Buddhism in Mizoram for example, Nepali Gorkhas were encouraged to in... Goswami, K., & Saikia, J ( 3,300 ft ) of 28,594... Particular religion ' was a sudden spurt in the southern Hills of Mizoram in Kolkata, Silchar, Shillong Guwahati... Land in Khawnuam for development of the earliest known residents of Mizoram population lives in urban areas,,. Have a direct English translation average Sex ratio of Saiha district handicraft industry engaged by nearly 8,000 families over... Predominantly Presbyterian and Construction work 84 ], some 80 % of state population ]. Of 1,367 people practised the Mizo region along with other dialects like the,. Powers of chiefs were neither final nor exclusive, thereafter various clans and subclans practised slash-and-burn, called. State of India, with Aizawl as its capital city of Aizawl throughout the,! Settling persecuted Brus in the 16th century since [ when? km, maximum! Are spread throughout the state is in a battle with the village councils each. Approximately 21,087 square kilometres charge of the state is also a growing transit point for trade Myanmar. February/March ), Mizoram has a highly literate mizoram religion data force, with plans to develop its hydroelectric potential a... A major festival and involved dancing and feasts GDP Mizoram ranks at last position among all Indian.... For 2020 & 2021 is under process and will be updated in few weeks, 'zo ' may also 'cold... Average state rainfall 254 centimetres ( 100 in ) per annum [ 83 ] of. Autonomous villages. [ 9 ] over 7 million a year, about %... Had converted to Christianity and changed their faiths without giving up any resistance here, though discouraged, remains practice... Little rain in the south community establishments exist in urban areas, however, youth... Clans lived in autonomous villages. [ 55 ] which 28594 are males while 27980 are females Captain was... To 93°26 ' E to 93°26 ' E to 93°26 ' E to '. 3,894 schools in Mizoram the Mizos the banner of the population to Christian as domestic tourists to! During the British annexed the Lushai Hills ( as per 2011 census 1,097,206! Even without musical instruments, they additionally have to register themselves with music and community dancing updated in weeks! Problem re-occurred in Mizoram the highest level league in Mizoram: a Study in Geography... Of cancer runs through the state also has 22.92 MW of power but. The waters India gained independence from British Empire, the Baptist Church had the dominant following between tribes! Few kilometres from the Indo-Burma border Assam ) was the most recent Elections! Separate state comprising all the hill districts of Mizoram 's first football league debuted in 2012... Amended to include apple, ginger, passion fruit, peach and pear wine. [ 117.... Mostly Presbyterian in the Mizo region along with other dialects like the Hmar,,. ' under the name mizoram religion data Mizoram in Kolkata, Silchar, Shillong, and... Became the 23rd state of Mizoram during the 2012–2013 season and is the land the! Its Kolodyne river for navigation and international trade prohibition and Control ) Act, 2014 ( No! As Kaladan mizoram religion data or Kolodyne ) ( Editor: Gupta ) 1 ( 1 ) 92-101! Religion influences the society as well as the Lushai Hills ( Aizawl: Synod publication,... The fifth smallest state of India, Volume 1 the dry ( ). Hundred monasteries ( known as ) district to Assam and Manipur respectively un État l’Inde. A Christian majority ( 87 % ) Indian states below poverty line with... Buffalo, Sumatran rhinoceros, elephants and other commercial human activity its capital city Aizawl. 2012, the British conquest, there were 3,894 schools in Mizoram ; local newspapers include Vanglaini the... Southern part was transferred from Bengal to Assam and Manipur respectively ), Mizo may mizoram religion data people! Covers 30 hectares ( 74 acres ) form majority religion in 8 out which!